Finding it a little hard to find linux applications? Here are some of the essential Linux softwares.

Best Web Browsers

  • Google chrome
  • Firefox



Best Download Manager

  • uget
  • xdm

Bit-torrent Client

  • deluge
  • transmission

Cloud storage

  • drop-box
  • mega


  • skype
  • pidgin
  • geary

Office suite

  • libreoffice
  • wps office

Music player

  • rhythm box
  • clementine

Video player

  • vlc 
  • kodi

Image editor

  • gimp
  • krita

Text editor

  • sublime text
  • bluefish editor

Most of these apps are available in the ubuntu software center.others you could find from third party sites just google it!


Get a windows 10 iso image trial version from microsoft 


Create bootable  usb flash drive

Either you can burn it to a DvD or make a bootable flash-drive. Here i will show you how to make a bootable flash drive because it is fastest of the 2 methods.
  • Download RUFUS 
  • Open the app
  • Select your device from the top most option
  • At the bottom left there you could see a drive icon ,click it ,make sure standard windows installation is selected
  • Select the downloaded win 10 image
  • Click start
  • Note:all your data in your flash drive will be erased
  • After a few minutes when it says DONE you can close Rufus


set your computer to boot from flash drive

  • Restart your system
  • Click f-9 key while your system is starting up you will be taken to boot device options 
  • There you could see some options like hard rive,flash-drive/removable devices,cd-rom.
  • Select flash-drive and it will take you to the setup screen


If your device already have windows (older versions) then the setup will automatically proceed to UPGRADE.Else follow the below screen-shots.

Just click the next button it would automatically install with default settings.

If any questions please leave it in the comments section.

Has your internal keyboard started malfunctioning  and need to disable it ? so that you could use your device with your external keyboard.

follow below given steps to disable your keyboard

A list of manufacture names would appear ,select the one that is not your laptop manufacturer.this will install that specific driver and your internal keyboard would be disabled(bcz of different driver).If you want to re-enable the keyboard then simply follow the steps up-to 4 and don't un-check "use compatible hardware",your supported driver would be shown simply click next to finish the installation.

if any questions please leave it in the comment section.

follow these steps below to customize the look of your start screen.

  • right click on desktop
  • choose personalize
  • select start
  • check use start full screen"option

Your android phone was very fast when you first bought it and now it is a mess?,taking forever to launch an App or while multitasking? heres a happy news you could speed it up and transform it and get it to working like it used to when you first bought it if only you follow my instructions 


your phone needs a little free space to run smoothly if it gets low it could slow everything down and you cant perform basic tasks.so to free up some space you could try removing unused  apps,disabling system bloat ware,moving all your photos music and other large files and documents to external storage devices like  SD card or flash drive 


these are temporary files dropped from applications
  • got settings
  • applications
  • select an app
  • select clear app option
  • and your done


there might be a lot of junk in your device which you occasionally use.some android apps are poorly written and they might keep running in the background even after closing it after use.apps like facebook are resource hoggers i strongly advice to delete this app and go for the website version.or you could greenify apps with GREENIFY.


greenify is an amazing application available on play store which is dedicated to improving battery life and freeing ram on 
an android device.how it improves performance? ,it automatically FORCE STOP an application in the background when device is in sleep.it can also hibernate apps automatically(root only),also system apps can be hibernated in root mode.i recommend
to install xposed framework for improved functions.


kernel adiutor is an amazing app which manages your kernel parameters, improves the overall performance of an android device.with this app you can manage cpu frequencies,improve swappiness,low memory killing,and can also save your own custom profiles.


goto about device and click on build number seven times and it will unlock developer options.in ther you can see options for animations like "windows animation scale","transition animation scale " etc select those options and a pop-up will appear click on disable animations/animation off.this will disable animation and make your device a bit faster."also you could turn off lock screen animations in lock-screen options.

if any queries or complains please contact me.

what is rooting,should i root?

Rooting is the process of modifying the os ,attaining privileged control  or in other words attaining complete control of your device,it gives the permission to alter the device and its settings
benefits of rooting-
  • full control over your device
  • full android backups
  • flash custom ROM
  • run special ROOT apps
  • tweak device settings
  • delete system apps and save space
its really up-to the user to root or not,if you find the above points favorable then you should go for rooting.

  For users with pc

with "root genius" you could root any android device,it is a one click root program for windows pc's .here we are going to guide you how to use the program 

NOTE:Disable any Anti-virus programs in your pc before continuing this tutorial,also rooting voids your warranty we are not responsible

Enable usb debugging on your android phone

  • open settings>about phone>build number>tap on it 4-7 times(this unlocks the hidden  developer option on your device)
  • after,open settings>developer options>usb debugging>tick to enable 

download and open the app

  • once it is downloaded open it

How to use

  • connect your android device(with usb debugging enabled) to the pc.
  • once it is successfully connected root genius will automatically detect your device
  • click on "root now" to begin the process,now root genius will automatically root your device and install "kinguser" application on your device

To check root access

  • open application menu and look for an app named "king user"
  • if the app is present that means your device has successfully rooted
  • or you could download"root checker"from play-store to check root access    

Don't have a pc?

Don't have a pc for rooting ? no problem there are many one click root apps currently available for rooting your android device with ease so this method allows temporary root access for you device and is for the persons who doesn't have a pc,here we are using king root .also this method is very safe compared to root genius method.lets begin
NOTE:your device must have at least 50%battery charge
  • on your device goto settings>security>device administrators>enable unknown source
  • download and install king root  app on your device
  • once successfully installed launch the app 
  • tap on"start root "button"to begin the process
  • now it will start the process
  • wait one or 2 minutes for it to finish
  • if you could see a green tick your device have been successfully rooted
  • restart your android device

What is an antivirus app?should i really need it on my android device?what are the best choices for good antivirus apps?these are some common questions.An antivirus app is an app which monitors your device and find any threats like malware,virus,spyware etc.Android operating system has some built in security's to protect you from virus and it is quite decent for normal users and for hardcore users who browse the web alot,download online content,torrents and apps from third party sources,i would suggest them to go for an anti virus program,there are 1000s of antivirus options available on the google playstore at your reach and here iam going to show you some of the best antivirus programs.

360 security (free)

Develped by qihu which is a leading chinese software company,it scores the highest among all the other antivirus tested with 99.9% detection rate.it's lightweight,very streamlined design and its completely free.With its standard real time scan no need to worry about getting infected.It wll protect you from spyware,malware and other types of threats.It has also some secondary functions,it acts as a  junk cleaner,power saver option,app management,fixes sytem vulnerabilties and cleans up apps running in the background and also its very applock is also available.It offers smooth perfomance and comes in some extra features.

avast mobile security 

avast is popular among windows desktop users for its supreme threat detection and solid perfomance.well this mobile version's no different.Its a free app and comes with some extra powerful tools like anti theft,app locking,a firewall for root users which can monitor and control network,if you lose your phone you can remotely lock it and find it,it can lock down your sim card also.According to the 2015 av test it score 98.1 detection rate.It is a good choice after 360.

avg mobile security

AVG is another popular anti virus program it has over 100million downloads till now and a 4.4 rating on googles playstore which is quite good but inferior to 360s rating.AVG is very light good option for slow phones.It offers real time scanning,good regular database updates,a task killer,anti theft,feature for remotely wiping the device when lost and also a monitor for monitoring data usage, battery and device storage.the interface is pretty good.The paid version has some more advanced features like app locking,call/message blocking.and more

bitdefender antivirus

There is a light version and a heavy version of this app.it offers superior performance and offers basic features like scanning and real time protection.it can also be incorporated with android wear watches to double your protection .Its lack of bloat features is its plus point compared to other anti virus apps.on the heavy version we get more features and extras.It scans your device very quickly and detects most of the infections.sadly there no scheduled scans and no premium features for free users.

cm security

Made by cheetah mobile,cm security is an award winning application,it provides one of the best malware protection for android,this app is very fast and comprehensive.Its just 1.28mb which is extremely compact its used by more than 500 million people and is rated 4.6 on google play store which is extremely good.This one is good for the guys who want a compact ,less size antivirus which does its job

eset mobile security and antivirus

This little antivirus from eset,which is popular security apps developers have been famous for their windows antivirus for a long time,it is light,powerful,and easy to use program.You get access to the eset web portal where you may wipe down or lock your phone if its stolen or manage it via text messages.another handy feature is device audit which allows you to see which apps are allowing you which kinds of access.also comes with phishing filter

lookout security and antivirus

The only company in this list that only makes android mobile security apps.its focus on mobiles and tablets resulted in very smooth app performance and beautiful design.but it falls behind others in advanced privacy protection,also the premium version is twice as expensive compared to others

if you have any doubts or questions please leave it in the comments!