what is rooting,should i root?

rooting is the process of modifying the os ,attaining privileged control  or in other words attaining complete control of your device,it gives the permission to alter the device and its settings
benefits of rooting-
  • ful control over the device
  • full android backups
  • flash custom os
  • run special apps
  • tweak device settings
  • delete system apps and save space
its really up-to the user to root or not,if you find the above points favorable then you should go for rooting.

  For users with pc

with "root genius" you could root any android device,it is a one click root program for windows pc's .here we are going to guide you how to use the program 
NOTE:Disable any Anti-virus programs in your

pc before continuing this tutorial,also rooting voids your warranty we are not responsible

enable usb debugging on your android phone

  • open settings>about phone>build number>tap on it 4-7 times(this unlocks the hidden  developer option on your device)
  • after,open settings>developer options>usb debugging>tick to enable 

download and open the app

  • once it is downloaded open it

How to use

  • connect your android device(with usb debugging enabled) to the pc.
  • once it is successfully connected root genius will automatically detect your device
  • click on "root now" to begin the process,now root genius will automatically root your device and install "kinguser" application on your device

to check root access

  • open application menu and look for an app named "king user"
  • if the app is present that means your device has successfully rooted
  • or you could download"root checker"from play-store to check root access    

Don't have a pc?

Don't have a pc for rooting ? no problem there are many one click root apps currently available for rooting your android device with ease so this method allows temporary root access for you device and is for the persons who doesn't have a pc,here we are using king root .also this method is very safe compared to root genius method.lets begin
NOTE:your device must have at least 50%battery charge
  • on your device goto settings>security>device administrators>enable unknown source
  • download and install king root apk on your device
  • once successfully installed launch the app 
  • tap on"start root "button"to begin the process
  • now it will start the process
  • wait one or 2 minutes for it to finish
  • if you could see a green tick your device have been successfully rooted
  • restart your android device

What is an antivirus app?should i really need it on my android device?what are the best choices for good antivirus apps?these are some common questions.An antivirus app is an app which monitors your device and find any threats like malware,virus,spyware etc.Android operating system has some built in security's to protect you from virus and it is quite decent for normal users and for hardcore users who browse the web alot,download online content,torrents and apps from third party sources,i would suggest them to go for an anti virus program,there are 1000s of antivirus options available on the google playstore at your reach and here iam going to show you some of the best antivirus programs.

360 security (free)

Develped by qihu which is a leading chinese software company,it scores the highest among all the other antivirus tested with 99.9% detection rate.it's lightweight,very streamlined design and its completely free.With its standard real time scan no need to worry about getting infected.It wll protect you from spyware,malware and other types of threats.It has also some secondary functions,it acts as a  junk cleaner,power saver option,app management,fixes sytem vulnerabilties and cleans up apps running in the background and also its very applock is also available.It offers smooth perfomance and comes in some extra features.

avast mobile security 

avast is popular among windows desktop users for its supreme threat detection and solid perfomance.well this mobile version's no different.Its a free app and comes with some extra powerful tools like anti theft,app locking,a firewall for root users which can monitor and control network,if you lose your phone you can remotely lock it and find it,it can lock down your sim card also.According to the 2015 av test it score 98.1 detection rate.It is a good choice after 360.

avg mobile security

AVG is another popular anti virus program it has over 100million downloads till now and a 4.4 rating on googles playstore which is quite good but inferior to 360s rating.AVG is very light good option for slow phones.It offers real time scanning,good regular database updates,a task killer,anti theft,feature for remotely wiping the device when lost and also a monitor for monitoring data usage, battery and device storage.the interface is pretty good.The paid version has some more advanced features like app locking,call/message blocking.and more

bitdefender antivirus

There is a light version and a heavy version of this app.it offers superior performance and offers basic features like scanning and real time protection.it can also be incorporated with android wear watches to double your protection .Its lack of bloat features is its plus point compared to other anti virus apps.on the heavy version we get more features and extras.It scans your device very quickly and detects most of the infections.sadly there no scheduled scans and no premium features for free users.

cm security

Made by cheetah mobile,cm security is an award winning application,it provides one of the best malware protection for android,this app is very fast and comprehensive.Its just 1.28mb which is extremely compact its used by more than 500 million people and is rated 4.6 on google play store which is extremely good.This one is good for the guys who want a compact ,less size antivirus which does its job

eset mobile security and antivirus

This little antivirus from eset,which is popular security apps developers have been famous for their windows antivirus for a long time,it is light,powerful,and easy to use program.You get access to the eset web portal where you may wipe down or lock your phone if its stolen or manage it via text messages.another handy feature is device audit which allows you to see which apps are allowing you which kinds of access.also comes with phishing filter

lookout security and antivirus

The only company in this list that only makes android mobile security apps.its focus on mobiles and tablets resulted in very smooth app performance and beautiful design.but it falls behind others in advanced privacy protection,also the premium version is twice as expensive compared to others

if you have any doubts or questions please leave it in the comments!


A screen shot is taking whatever's on your screen and saving it as an image file.Today I'm going to show you how to take a screen shot on windows .Its not very difficult windows has a built in function for taking screen shots its just a button away for your perfect screen shot!so lets begin noobs

using prt sc key

This method is for taking screen shot  and editing later.it maybe labelled as print screen","prnt screen","prnt scrn" or anything else depending on the type of your keyboard.When you have pressed that button it saves the screen shot to your clipboard it may look like nothing happened you have to open an image editor and paste it.

using prtsc+windows logo key

This method saves the screen shot as file directly to your screen shot folder.i would suggest to use this method because it is the quickest way.When you have pressed the button combo the screen would blink and your file would be saved.If your using windows tablet press the windows logo + volume down button at the same time

use snipping tool

This tool is built in to  in all the windows versions starting from vista.its very flexible.You could crop the screen shot right away and then edit at the same time.
To use it just search for snipping tool in the task bar and open , click new and select the portion you want to take ,now  save the file with preferred modifications.

use third party programs

There are third party programs like "green capture"and "7capture" which provide more settings and modification options for you
you could takes short videos if you want with a tool called "ashampoo snap"

I hope you had an idea about taking screen shots on your PC.If you have any questions or doubts kindly post it in the comments or contact me i will be there for your service

MOST of you viewing this post would be thinking "is this guy dumb?who doesn't know how to transfer large files between android phones.My deepest apologies this is for the noobs who doesn't know these things or for them who are new to the android platform.So after reading this you will never have any difficulty in sending files between devices.
            this method is done with the help of an app called "xender",which you could find easily from paly store or any other third party stores.this app transfers files via WiFi direct process don't worry it WONT DRAIN YOUR DATA!.and it can transfer a full length movie in about 5 minutes that's how fast it is.so lets get started.
PLEASE NOTE:both the sender and receiver should have the app installed on their device

download the app and install it

  • open google play-store
  •  search for "xender"
  • download and install it

How to use 

  • once you have successfully installed the app
  • open it from your phone
  • now a welcome page would appear(only appears on the first time)
  • options like name, avatar etc would be present add the required details and click save
  • after you skipped welcome page you can see all your apps,games,files,music,and other folders.
  • also an option would be present at the bottom "connect" tap on  that
  • after you tapped on connect 2 options would pop up "create a group"and "join a group"
  • what you have to do is the sender should select "create a group" and the receiver "join a group"
  • the person who want to share the file browse and select the required file and long press on it and an option would appear "send"click on that and the file would start to send
  • the receiver could check the transfer at the history option 

For bb10 users

  • download the app from 9apps or snap(you must be running bb10 10.2 or higher)
  • you should manually enable "wifi direct" and "wifi" from the settings
  • the sender should enable "wifi direct" and the receiver should enable "wifi"
  • you could find wifi direct on wifi settings
tnx to WiFi direct technology we can share files easily.there are many other applications also available in the play store that provide the same functionality like"share it",WiFi beam".
if you have any doubts or questions let me know.

WINDOWS 10 is a great desktop operating system but there are some problems with bandwidth management so don't worry  it is not your network providers problem it is the system so here in this post i will show you how to solve the issue and increase your Internet speed

The culprit here is the 'windows update' and 'background-intelligence-transfer-system(BITS)' its easy,follow my steps to double your current network speed


 Go to windows update settings-advanced options-choose how updates are delivered-select 'pcs on my local network'.and your done


Search for "services" in the search tab - right click on background intelligent transfer service - select properties - change startup type from 'automatic' to 'disabled' - click stop' - select 'recovery tab change first failure,second failure,third failure to "take no action".and your done.

if these 2 didn't speed up your Internet-


Goto 'services' like you did previously and search for 'windows update'-right click and select properties - change the startup type" to disable - click "stop" afterwards - goto recovery and change 1st,2nd,3rd failure to take no action-click save your done.

Here are some images to guide the noobs-

If you have any doubts or queries please leave it in the comments section.

Looking for a smart phone under 20k?it is a difficult task because there a lot of options to chose which are equally good.worry not here i am  to help you chose one .Here is the list of best smart phones to consider under 20k price bracket.Each of these smart phones offer good optics,high performance,good features and other specifications that  when compared to their price it is a bang for the buck!

so here are our top picks-

lenovo vibe x3-

lenovo has being ruling the budget segment for  quite a long time with its variety of budget phones like k3 note,a7000 etc now they have decided to push it and here comes the vibe X3.One of the best looking and best performing smart phone you can get for 20k.it comes in both 32gb/64 gb variants.powering the device is a qualcomm snapdragon 808 which is a very powerful chip which is even found in flagship devices like lg g4 which costs twice its price along with 3gb of ram.A 5.5 inch FHD display ,runs on android lollipop which can be upgraded to marshmellow.When it comes to the optics it features a 21mp camera which an excellent shooter and an 8mp front cam which are good for taking selfies.Dolby atmos and stereo front firing speakers are present in this smart phone which makes it a good choice for music lovers.there is a 3500mah battery which produces good battery life and charges pretty quick thanks to the the quick charge capabilities.this is the best smart phone you can get from lenovo which offers good after sales service along with good performance and multimedia improvements.
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One plus 2-

it has just been 3 years since one plus was founded and within these short time it has made a huge reputation.the launch of the one plus one also known as the "flagship killer" helped evolve the smartphone market with its powerful specs and very low price now its successor the one plus 2 is ruling among the 20k smartphones and and giving huge competition towards flagship phones.It has sandstone finish at the back combined with metal frames on the side which makes it a great looker and feels good in hands.powering the device is the powerful snapdragon 810 combined with more than enough 4gb ram which ensures extreme performance the company has introduced oxygen os 2.0 which is a custom rom with nice tweaks and customization,gives complete control of the smartphone.this beast comes with a 3300mah lipo battery which performed very well in real day to day tasks but scores less in the video loop tests.the OPO2 has a 13mp rear camera which gives excellent detail and 5mp front cam.overall the OPOP2 is good phone and good upgrade from its predecessor.
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Google nexus 6-

its googles very own smartphone! this smartphone from google shows the world what real android user experience was.no bloatware no unwanted software features  no manufacture preinstalled apps like samsung and other brands which push heavy customization and bloatware;this ensures a speedy,responsive interface.This phones a little outsized compared to other smartphones currently available at the market at 6'inches.it has got a quadhd amoled display which no other smartphone in this category comes with.the phone runs on snapdragon 805 clocked at 2.7ghz coupled with 2 gb ram.the latest version of android would be available to you in just one click in this smartphone also you could install developer previews .it has got 13mp optics at the back which is great shooter and nice camera ui is also present ,ois sensor,dual led flash.it has only a 2mp front shooter which is very poor at this price range considering this device is a little old we could negotiate.overall a very stylish phone from Motorola and a good choice for the people who want a fast pure android phone with big display.
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Xiaomi redmi note3-

like one plus one xiaomi also made a huge reputation with just a single handset a few years back.they offer good value for money smartphones and all of their current models haven't failed to impress their customers.the redmi note 3 features qualcomms latest and powerful snapdragon 650 proc with 2/3gb ram which is a great choice which isn't found in any other smartphones at this price range.a full hd display metal body a fingerprint sensor is also present .when it comes to the ui it has xiaomis very own miui 7.0 which a looker.it also comes with a great camera for its price a 16mp f2.0 sensor and a 5mp selfi shooter on the front which focus very fast and produces good clarity images with nice detail.a 4000 mah li-po battery is feeding the phone it would last almost 2days in low-medium usage and good screen on time too,also it comes with qualcomms quickcharge ver 2.0 which charges the phone quickly.although it has a metal build huge battery the smartphone only weighs 164g.i would recommend this to the ones looking for a very powerful value for money smartphone at just 12k.
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lenovo zuk z1-

here is another great offering from lenovo.it was launched globally in September 2015 but was a bit late to be introduced in india.It looks a lot like lenovos vibe s1 with a fingerprint sensor added at the front the phones a looker with metallic back and metal side frames it has a usb type c at the bottom which is goof feature .the screen is FHD display and powering the device is a qualcomm snapdragon 801 coupled with 3 gb .the software running on this phone is a custom cyanogen os which is heavily customized by the developers for the processor and leads to increased performance also has planned update to cyanogen 13.there is a 13mp camera a t the back which is decent in terms of image reproduction.feeding the phone is a huge 4100mah  battery which lasts twice when compared to an average smartphone at this price range.it is well built,with excellent software a great display and good performance considering its feature.
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these are my choices for this category and if you have thought any smart phone is missing in this post or have any doubts or queries please leave it in the comments.